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Starry night (via Zane Edwards)

August 30, 2011

thought this was awesome so here it is 🙂

I managed to get a decent time-lapse of the night time stars from my back porch. Lit up clouds from the city actually made it more interesting! … Read More

via Zane Edwards


Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers with Orange Sweet and Sour Sauce

August 25, 2011

Baked Crispy Chicken Fingers with Orange Sweet and Sour Sauce.

Awesome !!!!

Extra! Extra! (via asilentstorm)

August 25, 2011

I had to share this delectable looking new way to enjoy one of my favorite veges 🙂 hope you get as inspired as i did to try this recipe out.

Extra! Extra! First, I want to thank you for your words of support. I’m feeling better now and I suppose things are back to normal. Well, as normal as things can be when your husband and mother hate the sight of each other. But! Moving on… I love zucchini. I love that it’s a functional ‘Z’ word. Our language doesnt have a ton of those. I love the way it looks typed out, all the C’s and I’s. I love the way it tastes, fairly bland and inoffensive. It takes on … Read More

via asilentstorm

Getting inspired

August 22, 2011

I am working on my business vigorously and in the process I have been inspired to convert the world to WordPress. I am in a charity arrangement to make a website and a sister WordPress. I can not tell you how fired up I am, all Incan do is say that I am signing up Sonja and my younger brother for their own WordPress blogs. I also have another potential client who is going to call me this week for just a website and I will try my hardest to get them to go the WordPress way! Which is the only way I role. 🙂

Tha past still stings

August 17, 2011

i am a lover of HD tv’s. we have a flatscreen at home put never got an HD cable box because i did not think that it was worth the money, exspecialy since three years ago HD was not main stream. the resulting tv experiance was significantly better than my old tube tv so i fellt that i was not missing anything.we have, in the last year, given up cable tv, because it got to expensive for the triple pakage deal. i still thought that HD was not all that because i was ignorant. it is not till resently that i have regreted the decision to overlook the HD box and give up tv all together. all the families houses that we have been going over so much nowadays, since we are not in school for the summer, have HD tv’s and make me sooo jealous. the picture is so intensely rich it makes my eyes yern for it everyday. what we do for tv is netflix on the wii, although this is good it does not measure up. we were thinking about getting an xbox but the money…. so i will be resigned to loving family more and more as i seek out the lusciousness that is HD television 🙂


The new verse the old

August 17, 2011

Hi again 🙂 there has been talk of a new processor from AMD called the Bulldozer. It is an eight core! that is right eight core processor. The release date has been pushed back since around September of last year. I, as a computer builder, am excited for the release of the processor because it will hopefully drive down the price of the more than adequate duel and quad core processors. It is my belief that if we only use our computers for lite processing and mostly the Internet we are wasting the potential of an eight core processor. A lot of computer enthusiasts need the extra power to ramp up their gaming experience. Another need for such tech. Is for high end graphics development. As I see it us normal folk need to stick with the basics and get by with what we can for as little money as we can. I ask you, what do you use your computer for the most ??? Have a wonderful day 🙂

Great Twitter

August 13, 2011

Here are two guys I follow in Twitter, they are the best, really. If you do not follow then give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.



@Foodimentary World of Food
Twitter’s @ShortyAwards winning & 1st to Tweet Food, Facts, & Fun. Guaranteed to pepper your day with fun food facts! Impress others with your food knowledge!
Great Tweet
My kind of day! August 13 is National Filet Mignon Day


@thinkgeek Fairfax, VA
Cool products for technophiles, geeks, and the occasional monkey. Follow @thinkgeekspam for our new product feed.

very funny link and informative info on todays events

Don’t forget the Perseid meteor shower tonight! If it’s cloudy out, watch this marvel of science instead:

check this little guy out

August 12, 2011

what can i say i am addicted to my iphone and all the news that comes with it. the article is short and sweet, and their is even a video. yay, hope you like it. let me know. have a great day 🙂

early morning news

August 12, 2011

this is vary exciting and progressive. My friends that code in C and C++ will be estatic! I for one do not know about C but I am going to learn about HTML5 asap. This is the future as the article explains. hope you engoy

Its up

August 11, 2011

 It is official, my website is up and running. Go and check it out! Fill out the form so we can get you on your way.

Pheeew…. What a long gurney. It all started at the end of the spring semester. I was on fier to do some thing and my teacher recommended I try CS4 out on the school computers. It was amazing. The possibilities were endless. Running full steam ahead, I decided to start-up this business. It took a lot of trials to get the right look, and now I am ecstatic. I am live on the net and hop to get customers as soon as tonight hopefully,”keeping my fingers crossed.” All my goal is, is to help people get access to the internet and express themselves in a positive manner through the web.