This is inspiring

I just read on Mashable in Digg that Comcast is offering a low-cost internet plan for low-income houses. This goes with my philosophy that everyone should enjoy the internet.  The internet is a place to get free info on a plethora of info and why should some people be stuck using the public library, just for an hour where people are using their cellphones and talking amongst themselves really loud. The experience of the net should be private and relaxing like it is for me and so many others. I will admit that I do not always have the internet the way I like it but we should not be forced into and intolerable situation. The public library is cool for a place to get books and DVD’s, but not for your only assess to the web. I’m humbled by having to use the school resources. I am frustrated by the lack of respect in the computer rooms here at school but that is why I have internet at home so I can have the experience I want. I have used the library for the public computer and bringing my laptop and being in a semi calmer part of the building. I hop this lets more and more people see that the internet can and will better their lives.


What do you think ?

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