I read and article today………

So…. I read an article on Linkedin this morning about HTML5. The article was focus on web apps. I am unsure the role that HTML5 plays in standard web design? I do know that CS5 has the option to use the new html format. I have yet to venture in that world, however I do know that it is the future and I need to get on the wagon of advancement. CS is also releasing a program called Edge that will take full advanced of HTML5. The article that was on Linkedin made me think that the only application to the new html is applications on smart phones and touch pads. I was just curious to hear from you to see what is out there. I will do more reasearch in the next few days I just wanted to get it out there.


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One Response to “I read and article today………”

  1. belopotosky Says:

    I saw this infographic today and it reminded me of your post:

    The Flash vs HTML 5 debate rages on

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