The new verse the old

Hi again 🙂 there has been talk of a new processor from AMD called the Bulldozer. It is an eight core! that is right eight core processor. The release date has been pushed back since around September of last year. I, as a computer builder, am excited for the release of the processor because it will hopefully drive down the price of the more than adequate duel and quad core processors. It is my belief that if we only use our computers for lite processing and mostly the Internet we are wasting the potential of an eight core processor. A lot of computer enthusiasts need the extra power to ramp up their gaming experience. Another need for such tech. Is for high end graphics development. As I see it us normal folk need to stick with the basics and get by with what we can for as little money as we can. I ask you, what do you use your computer for the most ??? Have a wonderful day 🙂


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