Tha past still stings

i am a lover of HD tv’s. we have a flatscreen at home put never got an HD cable box because i did not think that it was worth the money, exspecialy since three years ago HD was not main stream. the resulting tv experiance was significantly better than my old tube tv so i fellt that i was not missing anything.we have, in the last year, given up cable tv, because it got to expensive for the triple pakage deal. i still thought that HD was not all that because i was ignorant. it is not till resently that i have regreted the decision to overlook the HD box and give up tv all together. all the families houses that we have been going over so much nowadays, since we are not in school for the summer, have HD tv’s and make me sooo jealous. the picture is so intensely rich it makes my eyes yern for it everyday. what we do for tv is netflix on the wii, although this is good it does not measure up. we were thinking about getting an xbox but the money…. so i will be resigned to loving family more and more as i seek out the lusciousness that is HD television 🙂




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