to the one

hi bebes πŸ™‚ how has your day been ??? i just wanted to wright you this letter to you because i do not think i have ever done so. where to begin ??? well i can tell you that since i have started school up again i have felt distant from you. i do not like this felling at all. i have already told you that the bright spot of my day is spending time talking and sutch at night. we whent the hole summer just chillin at night and now it is so exsousting to go to school and work that we do not spend the pretious time together.

what i do know is that i am an extreamly lucky guy. i see thease little girls at school and i hear their conversations and i winse. the things that these yung people are doing is confusing. i do not know if any of them would have the cutes to stick with a complicated guy like me and still be able to but a smile on my face everyday. i do not know how you do what you do but i do know that you are the secound best thing that has happend in my life aside for clening up my life, witch you have helped with tremendusly. if it was not for you companionship in the early days i do not know if it would be so good today.

i charish those early days when we were carefree and inosent. you were the rock that i never knew that i was mising. i have never known a love so pure and gental. in thouse days i was so cought up with life all day that i yerned for your companionship.

the fack that i still love spending time with my best friend and mate is mind boligiling. i have only known a ruff love and love because they hade to for the kids. althought we do not have kinds i love you because i want to πŸ™‚ we do have birds and i still love you dispite their poops and climbing all over my face and head. lol

i what to tell you that we need to make time to stay conected during the summester that is apone us and the one to come. it is the driving force in my life to get the joy only you can bring. i become hard and numbe without your attention. even if it is just a half houre that is definitly enought to sustain me for one or two days shurly.

i like when we spent time with the kids(birds) last night together when they were on their cages and eating and being calme πŸ™‚ i am happy for our little family, as mutch as i bust your chops about the little tareres. i will say again that we need to make time to stay conected a few times a week so my bateries of love stay charged. i did like the way we hade the impromped to conversation this morning i miss you always and love you more

your love
bjorn zubrycki

ps i could not find how to spell check so here it is πŸ˜›


One Response to “to the one”

  1. gonzsm33 Says:

    Thank you for my letter! I love you!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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