Hi my name is Bjorn Zubrycki.


Bjorn Zubrycki

I am 31 years old and live in the Hudson Valley NY area. I am in college for computer information management. This is my third semester, and I could not be happier. Learning is so much fun, it’s the home work that is not, lol. I go to Dutchess Community College in Poughkeepsie / Hyde Park NY. I love computers “when they work.” Mostly self taught comes in handy when I am working with Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I took one class on web design last semester and I have run with the knowledge of basic HTML and CSS. Learning the ins and outs of such a powerful program as Adobe is thrilling. I have a lot of help for my mentor and former teacher Mr Domore, he also makes websites. We share a passion for the art witch is good because I call him allot with questions.

Dutchess Community College  is not far from my house now and where I grew up as a lad.I have lived in the Hudson Valley area my whole life, well, my life after living in Texas for a few years when I was a small boy. Before Dutchess I was in the school of hard knocks, I got my masters there and have moved on to a sane and happy life in the real world. Trying to live life as a nontraditional student, keeping the balance between work, school and family is tricky. This past summer was devoted entirely to Sonja’s family, because we did not see them much during least semester 😦 We had such good times throughout the time off from school.

Helping people lifts me up, because of the people who helped and continue to help me. Trying to keep and open mind was what I continue to learn. I get help almost everyday from a lot of people and situations that remind me of how I used to be, and where I can be so easily. Staying busy and putting on foot in front of the other a day at a time is what I try to do everyday. I am not into politics or expressing my religious views openly. I work hard and rest harder. I love life and family.

I am engaged to my best friend Sonja. We have been together for a whopping seven years. This is a miracle, for when I was younger and going thew my ruff times I was incapable of having a relationship with any human 😦 She is one of the shining spots in my new life 🙂 She is also going to school, however she has already graduated from Dutchess and moved on to Suny New Paltz. Sonja is an art history major. It was so much fun last sumester to go to the metropolitan museum of art and hear her talk passionately about the art 🙂 I am so proud of her.  We are the proud parents of three birds, two Quaker parrots and a lovely Cockatiel.


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