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The new verse the old

August 17, 2011

Hi again ūüôā there has been talk of a new processor from AMD called the Bulldozer. It is an eight core! that is right eight core processor. The release date has been pushed back since around September of last year. I, as a computer builder, am excited for the release of the processor because it will hopefully drive down the price of the more than adequate duel and quad core processors. It is my belief that if we only use our computers for lite processing and mostly the Internet we are wasting the potential of an eight core processor. A lot of computer enthusiasts need the extra power to ramp up their gaming experience. Another need for such tech. Is for high end graphics development. As I see it us normal folk need to stick with the basics and get by with what we can for as little money as we can. I ask you, what do you use your computer for the most ??? Have a wonderful day ūüôā


Great Twitter

August 13, 2011

Here are two guys I follow in Twitter, they are the best, really. If you do not follow then give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.



@Foodimentary World of Food
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Great Tweet
My kind of day! August 13 is National Filet Mignon Day


@thinkgeek Fairfax, VA
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very funny link and informative info on todays events

Don’t forget the Perseid meteor shower tonight! If it’s cloudy out, watch this marvel of science instead:

check this little guy out

August 12, 2011

what can i say i am addicted to my iphone and all the news that comes with it. the article is short and sweet, and their is even a video. yay, hope you like it. let me know. have a great day ūüôā

early morning news

August 12, 2011

this is vary exciting and progressive. My friends that code in C and C++ will be estatic! I for one do not know about C but I am going to learn about HTML5 asap. This is the future as the article explains. hope you engoy

I read and article today………

August 11, 2011

So…. I read an article on Linkedin¬†this morning about HTML5. The article was focus on web apps. I am unsure the role that HTML5¬†plays in standard web design? I do know that CS5¬†has¬†the option¬†to use the new html format.¬†I have yet to venture in that world, however I do know that it is the future and I need to get on the wagon¬†of advancement. CS is also releasing a program called Edge that will take full advanced of HTML5. The article that was on Linkedin¬†made me think that the only application to the new html is applications¬†on¬†smart phones and¬†touch pads. I was just curious to hear from you to see what is out there. I will do more reasearch in the next few days I just wanted to get it out there.

Beans & Rice – Rice & Beans

August 10, 2011

Beans & Rice – Rice & Beans. This is a simple and healthy approach to not only slimming you wallet and wast, but giving your taste buds a zip.

This is inspiring

August 8, 2011

I just read on Mashable¬†in Digg that Comcast is offering a low-cost internet plan for low-income houses. This goes with my philosophy¬†that everyone should enjoy¬†the internet.¬† The internet is a place to get free info on a plethora¬†of info and why should some people be stuck using the public library, just for an hour where people are using their cellphones and talking amongst¬†themselves really¬†loud. The experience¬†of the net should be¬†private and relaxing like it is for me and so many others. I will admit that I do not always have the internet the way I like it but we should not be¬†forced¬†into and intolerable situation. The public library is cool for a place to get books and DVD’s, but not for your only assess¬†to the web. I’m humbled¬†by having to use the school resources. I am frustrated¬†by the lack of respect¬†in the computer rooms here¬†at school but that is why I have internet at home so I can have the experience¬†I want. I have used the library for the public computer and bringing my laptop and being in a semi calmer part of the building. I hop this lets more and more people see that the internet can and will better their lives.

New in the Hudson Valley

August 3, 2011

This is a cool article in the local paper and I will be keeping an eye on the progress. It was posted by the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Mad Hatter nightclub in Poughkeepsie becoming Union Square restaurant|topnews|text|Business